Water Damage Repair & Restoration
Virginia Beach, Chesapeake & Norfolk VA

Water damage can occur at any time. So when a flood strikes, or a pipe bursts or your roof fails the whole situation can just feel overwhelming.

You want to know therefore that the repair service you call in will not only respond quickly – they will respond effectively.

Dealing With Water Damage

Because when you are dealing with water damage then time is of the essence. We therefore promise that we will always answer your call to action promptly.

We are on hand and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We recognize that whether in a home or business situation, water damage can be extremely stressful.

For a business owner, nothing can be worse than seeing precious stock, materials machinery and IT infrastructure damaged by water.

For a homeowner on the other hand, well a house is so much more than just bricks and cement.  It is your memories, it is your possessions – most of all it is your home.

That’s why if your home or business is affected by flooding, make sure your first call is to us.

We have the training, we have the equipment, we have the know how to minimize damage and get your business up and running or your house back to being a home as fast as possible.

After all, every second your business is out of action because of flooding it is losing money.

For the homeowner, we want to get you out of temporary accommodation as soon as possible – and back into your home so you can repair and rebuild.

Why Repair & Restore Early

What’s more, you can rest assured that in addition to a fast response, our highly trained teams will also attend your property fully kited out with the best equipment to quickly and effectively minimize and halt further damage.

We are talking about:

Moisture Mapping Equipment

Our specialist equipment designed to pinpoint areas of high moisture, to allow our technicians to concentrate on those areas of your home that require immediate action. With no time to spare in situations such as this, this tool to accurately target our efforts can make the difference in stopping water damage in it’s tracks.


This is a key piece of kit in our arsenal – and as such we only deploy the very best. Our dehumidifiers are industrial strength commercial grade machinery – and they have proved their worth time and time again in the swift halting and minimizing of water damage.

Air Filters

We deploy these to quickly and effectively scrub the air of contaminants. They are going to protect your home or business from any nastiness thrown up into the air during the flooding. In particular, we’re talking mold and fungi spores that can thrive in the wet environment, and start a major infestation, which can lead to a pricey mold remediation experience. The air filters stop them in their tracks.

Air Movers

Industrial strength air moves and dryers work hard to remove moisture particles from the air, quickly lowering air humidity and preventing further damage to property and parts of the structure above the flood water lines.

So don’t delay, contact us today for fast and effective water damage repair and restoration!

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