Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services
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Once a fire has been extinguished, the next most pressing task is to return your property to its former condition.

We are experts in efficient and effective post fire response, working hard to minimize secondary damage to your home or commercial property once the fire is out.

Recovering From Fires

We recognize too that the aftermath of a fire can be an extremely stressful time. That is why we also prioritize outstanding customer support. We are there to help you and your home or business to recover quickly – and with the minimum of disruption.

Over our years of experience in the sector, we have developed a comprehensive package of products and services that we have found helpful in a number of situations.

Add this to our time honored practices and well trained staff and you have a recipe for a damage repair and restoration company that is full equipped to assist you.

Stop Secondary Damage

A swift recovery after a fire is very time sensitive. Once the fire itself is extinguished, even though that first danger has been removed, your home or business property is not yet safe from further damage.

That is why we promise swift arrival after you contact us, and effective damage containment will be started as soon after our arrival as possible. 

This combination of fast arrival on scene and effective containment measures is, we feel, the key to our highly regarded service.

Fire & Smoke are No Joke

On arrival, we will immediately begin efforts to minimize secondary damage in two ways:

Ash & Smoke Clean Up

After a fire, a property will often contain large amounts of ash, soot and residual smoke both in the air and also plastered across all surfaces, furnishings and personal effects. In a commercial property it will also infest machinery stock, materials and your IT equipment.

In either case, the longer it is allowed to sit (and the more is allowed to settle from the air) the more long-term damage is going to be caused. This is because this ash & soot contains corrosive elements that can quickly cause long-term – often irreparable – damage.

 Our onsite technicians will therefore get straight to work cleaning and removing as much of this substance as possible. A quick reaction in these early stages to remove as much as possible as quickly as possible can really go a long way to minimizing post fire damage.

Water Related Damages

The fire departments immediate responsibility when attending a fire is, understandably, to put it out. In doing so however they can also add to the damage toll of the fire – primarily through water damage, and add a possibility of moisture buildup if not dryer correctly, which can lead to a hefty bill for mold removal.

It is therefore our job to minimize this damage and quickly and effectively as possible. Luckily, we as a company also provide a professional level response to water based incidents such as floods and burst pipes.

These can present in very much the same way as the water damage occurring during firefighting, which means we are ideally placed – in terms of equipment and skilled technicians – to also tackle water damage after a fire.

So don’t delay, contact us today for fast and effective fire damage repair and restoration. Let us stop secondary damage in its tracks – and allow you to begin the task of rebuilding.

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